Ophelia — Character Sketch — Week 3

Vicky Koch
2 min readJan 23, 2017


Ophelia is a product of two very romantic parents. Her father, an artist, lives nearby in a one bedroom apartment. He struggles to eat some months yet he enjoys a life filled with rich culture and aesthetics. Her mother lives in a five story town house in Mayfair and also enjoys a life filled with rich culture but she doesn’t have to worry about money or any of the things money can buy.

So Ophelia enjoys a healthy allowance from her mother and doesn’t have to work. Yet she is always striving to achieve more. Sometimes to a fault. She has just been promoted to art director at the best design agency in London. The stress of her job is making her hair fall out so she has been trying out new things to lower her stress levels. So far nothing has worked.

Her mother, Emiliana, wants her to give up work and find a husband. Ophelia makes out that she thinks this is hilarious but secretly is let down by her mother’s lack of ambition for her.

Ophelia is reaching her mid thirties and due to her gruelling work schedule, she still hasn’t met anybody to be with. She has plenty of male friends though.

Ophelia has many enemies from her past. She was/is very beautiful but also a bit of a meddler. When she was younger her looks and charm would attract many people to her, however, she usually had hidden agendas. Now, she used to have a bit of a coke habit. Often she goes without but sometimes — usually when she’s drinking — she finds it hard to resist, if offered.

Die Hard 4.0 is her favourite film. It is her ‘go to’ film (as she calls it) on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Her favourite book is Great Expectations and her favourite pastime is painting. She devotes the biggest room in her apartment to her art studio and keeps it locked.

Her penthouse flat is minimalistic. This is more to do with trend than anything else. She would like to refurbish with lots of warm coloured rugs and blankets, candles and trinkets but she hasn’t got the time to do it and hasn’t got around to hiring someone yet.